“Behind the Scenes of Selling Sunset’s Fashion: The Truth about Who Foots the Bill”

"Behind the Scenes of Selling Sunset
"Behind the Scenes of Selling Sunset

“Behind the Scenes of Selling Sunset’s Fashion: The Truth about Who Foots the Bill”

Behind the Scenes of Selling Sunset’s Fashion: The Truth about Who Foots the Bill

As fans of Selling Sunset, we can’t help but drool over Chrishell Stause’s designer clothes and Christine Quinn’s statement pieces. But have you ever wondered who pays for these expensive fashion items? Here’s the behind-the-scenes truth about the cost of Selling Sunset’s fashion.

The Stylist’s Role in Picking Out Clothes

We all know that the members of the Oppenheim Group look impeccable, and much of that is thanks to the show’s stylist, Alexis Honce. She is responsible for shopping for and selecting the cast members’ outfits. She is also in charge of putting together outfits based on the show’s theme, whether it’s a day at the beach, a business meeting, or a night out.

But even with her expertise, Honce doesn’t get to choose the clothes by herself. The cast members have a say in what they wear and sometimes bring items from their personal collection. This combination of the stylist’s and the cast members’ clothing results in the show’s fashionable aesthetic.

The Cast Members Pay for Their Clothes

Contrary to what some people may think, the cast members of Selling Sunset are responsible for paying for their clothes. The show doesn’t provide a clothing allowance or a wardrobe for them. All the gorgeous designer pieces we see on screen are either purchased by the cast members themselves or given to them by the designers in exchange for publicity.

That’s not to say that the cast members are on their own. Honce’s job is to find the best clothes for them, as well as suggest alternatives if the cast member can’t afford the item. She also styles them for events and helps them put together outfits that reflect their personalities and the show’s theme.

The Show Provides Some Items

While the cast members’ outfits are mostly their own, Selling Sunset does provide some wardrobe items. In some scenes, you might see the cast members wearing the same Oppenheim Group shirts. These shirts are provided by the show as a way to promote their brand.

Another example of the show providing pieces is when the cast members go on surprise trips, and the producers give them small budget amounts to shop for new outfits. This is to create an exciting and fresh look for the scenes.

The Importance of Fashion in Selling Sunset

Fashion is a significant aspect of Selling Sunset’s appeal. The show’s glamour and luxury are reflected in every outfit the cast members wear, from designer dresses to high-end accessories. It’s an integral part of the show’s image, and it’s hard to imagine it without the stunning outfits we see on screen.

In Conclusion:

While Selling Sunset’s fashion is undeniably glamorous and expensive, the cast members pay for their clothes themselves or get them in exchange for publicity. The show’s stylist helps select and style their outfits, but the cast members have the final say. The show provides some wardrobe items, but the cast members’ clothes are mostly their own. Fashion is an essential part of the show’s image, and it’s the result of a collaboration between the cast members, the stylist, and the show’s producers. #SellingSunset #Fashion #RealityTV #Style #Luxury #ENTERTAINMENT