“Jeddah Selected to host Second Preliminary Regatta for America’s Cup”

"Jeddah Selected to host Second Preliminary Regatta for America
"Jeddah Selected to host Second Preliminary Regatta for America

“Jeddah Selected to host Second Preliminary Regatta for America’s Cup”

Jeddah Selected to Host Second Preliminary Regatta for America’s Cup

The America’s Cup has been known as the oldest international sailing competition in the world. The prestigious sailing race is conducted every four years and is one of the most illustrious sporting events globally, often referred to as the Formula 1 of sailing. The races consist of two stages – the America’s Cup World Series (ACWS) and the America’s Cup Qualifiers. This year the world was thrilled as Saudi Arabia announced that Jeddah would be selected to host the second preliminary regatta for the forthcoming America’s Cup Qualifiers.

Saudi Arabia’s Inaugural Event

The event hosted in Jeddah will be Saudi Arabia’s inaugural occasion as they prepare to join hand in hand with prestigious sailing tours. The America’s Cup World Series (ACWS) is expected to be held in mid-December and will feature some of the world’s best sailors competing in the regatta. The competition is taking place over two years that will end in 2022 with the Cup Match held in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Winning Opportunities

The America’s Cup has long been known for the opportunities it gives countries to promote themselves on a global level. This year, Saudi Arabia takes the opportunity to introduce Jeddah to the world as a major sailing destination, while drawing in thousands of tourists, marine professionals and sailors to discover recreational and marine opportunities in the city, thus boosting the local economy.

The Impact Of Jeddah Hosting The Second Preliminary Regatta Of America’s Cup

Jeddah’s selection as the host city will be seen as a welcome step towards the country’s Vision 2030 objectives. The Regatta is one of the most significant and exciting events that have been added to the program of sports in the Kingdom, an excellent opportunity for the Kingdom to progress towards its economic diversification goals.

Jeddah’s uninterrupted coastline which boasts of crystal clear waters stretching across 100km makes it an ideal spot to host this elite sailing competition. In addition to the stunning natural aesthetics, Jeddah’s attractions and hospitality coupled with stable weather and climate free of higher waves have rendered Jeddah an ideal spot for hosting the event.


In conclusion, the opportunity to host the second preliminary regatta of America’s Cup in Jeddah is undoubtedly an amazing privilege for Saudi Arabia. It promises to attract lucrative commercial interests and boost tourism in the city. Furthermore, the event is a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s effort to accelerate economic advancement and diversification, resulting in future international cooperation and investment opportunities.

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