“Packers’ Regrettable Moves: Redefining Aaron Rodgers’ Contract and 9 Other Missteps by Brian Gutekunst”


“Packers’ Regrettable Moves: Redefining Aaron Rodgers’ Contract and 9 Other Missteps by Brian Gutekunst”

Packers’ Regrettable Moves”

With the Green Bay Packers’ recent underwhelming performance, rumors spread about the team’s unusual strategies and questionable deals, leaving fans and critics concerned about the future of the franchise. Under the tenure of Brian Gutekunst, the Packers have been very active in the offseason, making signings and trades that have received mixed receptions from fans and analysts alike. However, there have been some moves that have raised a few eyebrows more than others. Here are some of the Green Bay Packers’ regrettable moves that have defined the present state of the team.

Redefining Aaron Rodgers’ Contract

The most notable mistake that the Green Bay Packers have done recently was to redefine Aaron Rodgers’ contract. In 2018, Rodgers still had two seasons left on his current contract when Gutekunst renegotiated a new deal for the quarterback, increasing his guaranteed money from $78.7M to $103M But the new contract is nothing compared to other quarterback deals.

Draft Mistakes

Another error that the Packers made was their draft mistakes. In the 2018 NFL Draft, Gutekunst traded down from pick 14 to pick 27 to get additional draft picks, leaving the top defensive players on the board – Jaire Alexander and Derwin James.

Failure to Solve the Wide Receiver Problem

The Packers needed a proven wide receiver to pair with Davante Adams last year. But, Gutekunst failed to sign or trade for any NFL-quality player.

Releasing Jake Kumerow

During the preseason, one of the most surprising cuts was the Green Bay Packers’ choice to release Jake Kumerow. He played exceptionally well with the team in the previous season, and many fans thought they would have a breakout year with the Packers.

Missing on Free Agency Signings

Gutekunst made a few signings during the 2020 offseason, but unfortunately, many of these were misses. The most notable miss was not trying to outrun the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Rob Gronkowski’s services.

Not Investing In The Offensive Line

The center position was one of the most significant weaknesses for the Green Bay Packers this season.

Limited Defensive Acquisitions

The Packers made some significant defense signings during the 2019 offseason. After that, they slowed down considerably after the defensive unit showed little development in 2020.

Sticking With Mike Pettine

Another problematic decision by Gutekunst has been retaining Mike Pettine as a defensive coordinator despite the inconsistency in the Packers’ defense.

Only One Running Back

Aaron Jones is one of the most important players on the team’s roster. But the team did not invest in any depth in the running back position.

No Plan for Life After Aaron Rodgers

Lastly, the Packers need to have a contingency plan for a future in which Rodgers is no longer the team’s quarterback. But Gutekunst has made no visible efforts to plan for such a future, which may pose problems in the near future.

Summary: Packers’ Regrettable Moves: Redefining Aaron Rodgers’ Contract and 9 Other Missteps by Brian Gutekunst. From draft mistakes to weak acquisitions and bad signings, Gutekunst has made some regrettable moves affecting the present and future of the Green Bay Packers. Consequently, the team continues to face challenges on the field, which may have been easily avoidable. It’s still uncertain how the team will rebound from such questionable decisions cautiously.

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