Revised title: “Meet the Leading Pension Executives: Edwin Ridwan and Eiji Ueda”

Revised title: "Meet the Leading Pension Executives: Edwin Ridwan and Eiji Ueda"
Revised title: "Meet the Leading Pension Executives: Edwin Ridwan and Eiji Ueda"

Revised title: “Meet the Leading Pension Executives: Edwin Ridwan and Eiji Ueda”

Meet the Leading Pension Executives: Edwin Ridwan and Eiji Ueda

In the world of finance, pension plans are a critical component of financial security for employees. As the Baby Boomer generation gets ready to retire, it’s more important than ever to have pension managers who can guide these plans towards a successful future. Two of the most prominent executives in the world of pensions today are Edwin Ridwan and Eiji Ueda. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at their backgrounds, achievements, and the impact they’ve had on the pension industry.

Edwin Ridwan: Forging a Career in Pensions

Edwin Ridwan is a distinguished pioneer and leader in the pension industry. He started his career as an actuarial analyst in London, UK. Over the years, he has gained expertise in the pension fund management industry in different capacities, including actuary, consultant, and investment manager.

His passion for pensions drove him to cross the Pacific and work in Asia, first in Hong Kong, then in Japan. In Asia, Ridwan worked in different financial institutions such as Citibank, Manulife, and Daiwa SB Investment. He became a skilled pension asset manager in Asia with an interest in growing his experience with pension funds all over the world.

Eiji Ueda: A Proven Track Record in Pension Investment

Eiji Ueda is a seasoned pension executive who has made significant contributions to the pension fund investment industry. His approach is simplifying problems, transparency, and pushing communication to achieve results that benefit all stakeholders.

Ueda is an alumni of Hosei University in Japan and the University of California, Berkeley, USA, he began his career at Barclays Global Investors in San Francisco as an assistant portfolio manager. Later he joined Goldman Sachs as a pension strategist. Then he ventured into the Japanese pension industry, working for the Investment Committee of The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking, where he played a key role in managing the $10bn in the Employee Pension fund.

The Duo: Working Together for Pension Success

Ridwan and Ueda’ve had impressive careers in the pension management industry before joining forces at Sun Life Asia Service Center Philippines. Edwin after working in Hong Kong for thirteen years made his way to Japan where he met Ueda. Together they directed the Asia Asset Management team in Sun Life.

Their expertise in the asset management industry complemented each other; Edwin was fulfilling more of a business development role, and Eiji was more of an investment officer. The result was the establishment of asset mix solutions around Sun Life’s investment solutions, helping to grow the pension assets.


The value of pension fund management cannot be understated in terms of its impact on an organization and its employees’ lives. Edwin Ridwan and Eiji Ueda are both outstanding executives with a wealth of experience and expertise in the pension fund industry. They’ve proved themselves over several years in different capacities within the industry and have gained recognition for their contributions to pension fund management. Together they’ve had the right mix of skills to steer incredibly successful pension management solutions in Asia. Working together, Edwin Ridwan and Eiji Ueda have indeed helped transform the pension industry in Asia and driven Sun Life to reach tremendous heights. #EdwinRidwan #EijiUeda #PensionExecutives #PensionManagement #PensionAchievements #PensionSuccess. #BUSINESS