“Son of wrestling legend linked to welfare scandal with Brett Favre”

"Son of wrestling legend linked to welfare scandal with Brett Favre"
"Son of wrestling legend linked to welfare scandal with Brett Favre"

“Son of wrestling legend linked to welfare scandal with Brett Favre”

Son of Wrestling Legend Linked to Welfare Scandal with Brett Favre

The son of wrestling legend, Jerry Lawler, has been linked to a welfare scandal with NFL quarterback Brett Favre. The two have been accused of receiving welfare money for work that was not actually performed. The allegations stem from a program called the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), which is designed to help low-income families in Mississippi.


According to reports, Favre was paid $1.1 million by the state of Mississippi for appearances and promotions that he did not actually make. Lawler’s son, Brian Christopher, was also reportedly paid for work that was not performed. The investigation into the matter began in 2017, when it was discovered that the Mississippi Department of Human Services had misused federal funds meant for needy families.

The Allegations

The CSBG program was set up to provide services to low-income families and individuals, such as employment assistance, education, and emergency help with expenses. It is alleged that the DHS used the funds to pay people for work that was never actually done, including $500,000 to a nonprofit organization that was run by Nancy New and her son, Zach New. The News are currently under indictment for embezzlement and other charges.

Lawsuit Filed

As a result of the scandal, a lawsuit has been filed against Favre and others involved in the misuse of funds. The state of Mississippi is seeking the return of the nearly $1.5 million that was allegedly paid out improperly. Lawyers for Favre and Lawler’s son have denied any wrongdoing and are seeking to have the case dismissed.


The welfare scandal has had far-reaching repercussions for those involved. The head of Mississippi’s Department of Human Services, John Davis, has resigned from his position. Nancy New and her son are facing criminal charges for their involvement. Brett Favre and Brian Christopher Lawler may also face criminal charges if they are found to have knowingly participated in the scheme.


The welfare scandal involving Brett Favre, Brian Christopher Lawler, and others has rocked Mississippi’s Department of Human Services and brought national attention to the misuse of federal funds. As the investigation and legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen what the ultimate outcome will be for those involved.

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