“Vanessa Kirby Reveals Tom Cruise’s Fearless Stunt in ‘Mission: Impossible 7′”

"Vanessa Kirby Reveals Tom Cruise
"Vanessa Kirby Reveals Tom Cruise

“Vanessa Kirby Reveals Tom Cruise’s Fearless Stunt in ‘Mission: Impossible 7′”

Vanessa Kirby Reveals Tom Cruise’s Fearless Stunt in ‘Mission: Impossible 7’

When it comes to action movies, Mission: Impossible franchise has been breaking boundaries for years. The lead actor and producer, Tom Cruise, has always been famous for performing his stunts without using a stunt-double. And once again, he proved his dedication to the craft when filming ‘Mission: Impossible 7’. Recently, Vanessa Kirby, who plays White Widow in the movie, revealed the circus-like stunt that Cruise performed.

Vanessa Kirby’s Revelation

Vanessa Kirby, who has worked with Cruise before in ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’, opened up about her co-star’s fearless act in the upcoming film. She revealed that they were in a high-speed train in Norway when she saw Cruise hanging out of the side of a carriage, holding onto the side handle with just one hand. She added that it was a terrifying sight to watch him doing that, but he seemed to be comfortable and enjoying himself.

The Stunt

According to Kirby, Tom Cruise was performing the stunt himself, which involved jumping off the train and onto a bridge. To add to the danger, the bridge was more than 160 feet high and the train was moving at a high speed of almost 60 miles per hour. Kirby explained that the whole stunt was like a circus act, and Cruise was fearless in executing it.

Tom Cruise’s Dedication to the Craft

It’s not the first time that Tom Cruise has performed such dangerous stunts in his movies. He’s famous for performing his own actions without a stunt-double in most of his movies, including ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise, ‘Top Gun’, and ‘Jack Reacher’. Cruise’s dedication to the craft has won him much admiration and respect in the movie industry.

Final Thoughts

Tom Cruise’s latest stunt in ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ is enough to give anyone nightmares. It’s undeniable that his dedication to the craft is commendable. However, it’s not just risking his life for the sake of cinema; Cruise also takes safety measures and works with experts to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Hats off to Tom Cruise, the man who puts his heart and soul into his movies.

Summary: Vanessa Kirby revealed that Tom Cruise performed a heart-stopping stunt HIMSELF in ‘Mission: Impossible 7.’ The stunt included jumping off a high-speed train and landing on a bridge almost 160 ft high. Cruise’s dedication to performing his own stunts has won him much respect in Hollywood. However, Cruise never takes risks and always puts his safety first. #ENTERTAINMENT